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Analysis and Data Management


Management of vehicle fleets with our FleetSphereTM software and vehicle telemetry are now an excellent way to achieve goals of increased performance and to optimize or reduce operating costs of companies with vehicle fleet.

Over time, a company has a gold mine of information from its vehicle fleet. The use of this information beyond the display of vehicles on a map, reveals the major trends in the operational activities of a company, develop spreadsheets or dashboards by time, by events (e.g. winter storms), by operational cycles or for one or more seasons or years of operation.

Thus, with such visibility on its operational activities, a company benefits from efficient decision support and management tools to identify strengths and weaknesses of his organization and take appropriate steps to optimize its operations and be more efficient and profitable.

The basic operation of the software is already supported by several reports with applied filters to address several operational needs.

Technologies CDWare Inc. is able to offer you a range of additional services to customize, adapt and produce reports fully consistent with business rules and operation needs of your business such as:

  • Adapt existing FleetSphereTM reports in the company profile.
  • Produce new reports in the company profile.
  • Produce extractions, processing and aggregations of data in file formats (e.g.: Excel) required by the business.
  • Analyze and produce ad hoc requests for information management on specific needs and business rules to the company.
  • Establish protocols for transferring information in real time or delayed time in foreign database systems that supply in-house or accounting or billing systems to the company.
  • Monitor and / or manage server performance and information acquisition processes from vehicles. Setup mechanisms for alerts and services reactivation in case of breakdowns or required maintenance notice. 24/7 service available when required.
  • Analysis and management of any specific need or problem related to management needs of the fleet using vehicle telemetry.
  • Scanning and definition services for sites, circuits, routes, geo-zones that have a spatial reference to map for the exploitation of data within FleetSphereTM.
  • Support, coaching and training available to corporate resources having the mandate to use telemetry data from then company fleet.




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