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Technologies CDWare Inc. installs telemetry units since 2002. As of today, more than 2,000 vehicles were equipped with our units in the areas of commercial transportation, winter maintenance, emergency vehicles and special vehicles.

We have extensive expertise in:

  • Management of turnkey projects for the implementation of vehicle telemetry in the fleet of a company. 
  • Configuration and installation of several types of units and solutions for vehicle telemetry.
  • Scripting and management of information that comes from the onboard computer of a wide variety of makes and models of vehicles.
  • In the implementation of sensors that act as peripheral equipment (e.g. temperature sensors, plows, etc..) of the telemetry unit to capture and manage information related to operational activities of the vehicle driving the telemetry unit. 

Our qualified staff is able to act quickly to resolve any kind of problem regarding the installation and maintenance of telemetry units, sensors and elements for the transmission of vehicle data. We can also use a network of technicians in over 20 municipalities throughout Quebec to provide local service.

We are also able to implement and support various means of communication to efficiently transfer data between vehicles and a server, based on the availability of communication resources and constraints applicable to sites where vehicles are affected (base station, loading sites, routes, circuits, etc..).

The mean of communication that is the most widely used is the cellular network (Bell, Rogers, Telus) where it is available, for real-time communication. For purposes of efficiency and costs reduction, this communication mode is sometime paired with a WiFi terminal in the vehicles base stations to manage a portion of the transfer for information that is not required in real-time. In case of unavailability of cellular network, it is possible to transfer data via WiFi terminals or satellite. We have an extensive expertise to offer, install and support an efficient and optimal solution at the lowest cost for managing the communication of your information in vehicle telemetry.

We are able to undertake the training of your staff that maintains your fleet with regard to the installation and maintenance procedures of telemetry units, and sensors. During business hours, you can contact our support center for vehicle telemetry and appeal to our technicians for advice and get support.

Considering the installation of vehicle telemetry in more than 2,000 vehicles, our past is your future in the successful implementation and maintenance of vehicle telemetry in the fleet of your business.


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