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Data loggers for fleet management


Technologies CDWare has been installing and supporting data recorders for vehicle telemetry over the last 10 years. Since then, more than 2,000 vehicles from multiple vendors were equipped with our data loggers, which can provide:

  • An optimal solution in a wide variety of vehicles to effectively cover the needs of customers.
  • Several options to cover those needs at the lowest possible cost.
  • Some leeway regarding out of stock, delivery times and prices with a variety of suppliers.
  • A strong expertise in developing and / or updating scripts for data capture adapted to specific need, with the collaboration of suppliers.
  • Appropriate expertise for managing communications and data transfer between the onboard data loggers and servers using various methods such as the cellular network, WiFi terminals, or satellite.
  • Long-standing business relationships with cellular communication businesses such as Bell, Rogers, Telus, etc.
  • A solid expertise in installation procedures, maintenance and troubleshooting of data loggers and related equipment (sensors, antennas, etc.) in a wide variety of vehicles.
Click on one of the data loggers according to the type of vehicular activity to view all the possibilities for capturing and managing information with vehicle data loggers supported by Technologies CDWare Inc.







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