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AMS (Accident Management System)


AMS is a portal that helps you track and produce statistics on accidents involving your fleet.

Through a unique web based database, users can benefit many advantages from this portal, without mobility constraints, from any computer having internet access.

With this portal, you obtain information such as:
  • A follow-up on the driver record;
  • A more efficient follow-up on events;
  • Repairs costs;
  • A constant follow-up on the history of accidents;
  • A summary or detailed image of the situation;
  • A time reduction in the production of statistics;
  • A day to day detailed statistics on accidents;
  • Other statistics available as needed.
Statistics produced :
  • Comparative assessment of collisions over 3 years
  • Annual statistics of collisions, including
    • Damage amount by vehicle type
    • Average cost of damage by impact area
  • Sinister evolution
    • By calendar year
    • By calendar date
    • By fiscal period
    • By seniority


  • Vehicle management and accident history by vehicle
  • Employee management and accident history by employee
  • EXCEL Extracts :
    • Vehicles
    • Employees
    • Accident reports
    • All statistics
  • Accident report: you can attach an unlimited number of files per report (pictures, police reports, claims, etc.).




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