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Here are our various applications in vehicular management.

Vehicle Telemetry

Other applications
Our products and software

Click to learn more about our data loggers for all your vehicular management needs as well as our vehicular fleet management software available online at all times.


Fleet Management using telemetry


We offer an efficient fleet management solution that helps to optimize the management and reduce the operation costs of your fleet. We specialize in winter management, emergency vehicles, special vehicles, and much more.


Our solution allows: :

  • GPS localisation
  • Remote access through a web portal
  • Dynamic management of vehicles and specialized equipments
  • Real time proactive monitoring of the fleet to optimize the management of human and material resources

Our applications

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Commercial Transportation Management   Winter Management
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Emergency Vehicle Management
  Special Vehicle Management

Our products and software

Data Loggers





FleetSphere - Fleet Management software for all vehicles

Our fleet management software will let you record, manage and access information quickly and efficiently on your fleet.






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